Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Wedding Planner's Wedding; Part I

Oh, the pressure! A wedding planner planning her own wedding. After weighing the facts, I made the conscious decision to get married here, in DC, surrounded by my favorite people. (and, my Engaging Affairs associates)

Like many of my clients, most of our guests would have been traveling in from out of state so location was key. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was our venue of choice for many reasons. First, it was completely unexpected. You get a wedding invitation and it lists the name of a hotel or a banquet space, sometimes even a restaurant. But a government organization building like this, how interesting! Besides that, it has the location going for it- 1615 H Street, directly across from the White House and the amazing detail in the function spaces. I always say, the more interesting the room, the less you have to do to it! Our guests noticed details we never even saw, and we had many planning trips to the space.

While I have done other events in the building, each had a more regal feel (see the photos above of my past weddings there) that somewhat "fit" the framework of the space. I had slight concerns as I went in a more modern direction, something I hadn't tried there before! Check out my take on the space in the photos below.

You can show me pictures of a million weddings, and trust me that's how many I have seen, and I might love them all. But at the end of the day, for myself, I kept going back to elegant, classy green and white. Then I realized, that wasn't enough "me". I have a little more bite to my personality than that. So, I added black. It's funny, brides do black tie affairs all the time, but many seem to be scared of black as a color at their wedding. (A secret, it looks fabulous with the right flower colors popping off of it)

And so there you go! Peek #1 into the wedding planner's wedding. Stay tuned for more installments about decor, lighting, entertainment, food and surprises!

And of course, thank you to Justine Ungaro for the fabulous images!

Insider's Guide to Sunny Honeymoons

Teresa Belcher of Honeymoon Islands has sent us some more fabulous ideas for sunny honeymoons from Virtuoso. Check out their website! I don't know about you but I could use some surf and sun right about now! Whether you're considering Hawaii or the Caribbean Islands or the Mexican Riviera, there are some fabulous resorts and great deals. Send us a postcard when you get there!