Friday, April 9, 2010

Amenity Baskets for the Bathrooms

Today's post isn't too glamorous but it is super practical for brides wondering what to put in amenity baskets for the ladies' (and men's) rooms. You can always simplify or embellish but here is a list to get you started. I usually try to find a container to match the decor of the wedding so I've used metal buckets for farm weddings, plexiglass trays for uber-modern weddings and white baskets for garden weddings. I'm famous for clearing out the sample aisle at the drugstore; those mini sizes are perfect for bathroom baskets!

For Men or women:

Hair gel
Breath mints and breath strips
Dental floss picks
Prepasted wrapped toothbrushes
Individual packets of aspirin and Advil
Chewable antacids
Dr. Scholl's blister treatments
Shout stain remover pads
Lint roller
Static Guard
Safety pins
Mini sewing kit with small pair of scissors
Hand sanitizer

Additionally, in the ladies' basket:

Bobby Pins (blond, black and brown)
Clear nail polish
Blotting papers
Lip balm
Powder and individual make-up sponges
Nail files
Replacement earring backs

I've found that people clear out these baskets by the end of the night so don't count on getting anything back! If anyone has ideas for items I've left out, let me know!