Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bring on the Baraats!

Engaging Affairs has been fortunate to plan many South Asian weddings over the years. We love so many things about these events but one of our favorite parts is the Baraat. This is the arrival of the groom and his friends and family at the ceremony and it is done with great fanfare and celebration. Traditionally, the groom rides on a horse or even an elephant while friends and family dance around led by energetic dholi drumming. The enthusiasm of this procession is contagious and usually stops traffic in D.C.!

                                     Image by Christian Oth

Image by Greg Gibson

 The wedding party really gets into the dancing!

 Image by Regeti's

 Image by Regeti's

 Image by Regeti's

                                     Image by Regeti's

Images by Kelsey Thompson

 Not all grooms choose to arrive riding an animal, though. We have had guests in open convertible sports cars and even on foot.

Once the groom reaches the entry to the ceremony, the bride's family greets him. The mother marks his forehead and he steps on pottery and breaks it into shards then proceeds into the ceremony.

 Images by Robert Isacson

Thanks to all our fabulous couples who have had such wonderful baraats and let us be a part of the fun (watching and coordinating, of course). We have loved every joyful moment!!