Monday, November 29, 2010

We are Family! {Jaime and Matt}

Ok, I'm not family with Jaime and Matt, but I feel like it sometimes!  On October 9th, Jaime and Matt got married in Jaime's parents' home in Bethesda, MD.  Surrounded by close family and friends, the couple had a celebration that screamed of their style and taste!

True foodies, in the most serious sense of the word, Jaime and Matt spend their free time together dining at the best restaurants in the MD, DC and VA area.  Jaime, a lawyer and Matt, a manager at the nationally recognized Wine Market in Baltimore, gave me an assignment I had never tackled before.

I do weddings to fit bride and groom's styles all the time.  But this was a new adventure.  Picture that commercial where the woman brings an architect a sink faucet by Kohler and asks him to design a house around it.

This beet risotto was amazing!

One of the couple's favorite restaurants is Komi in DC.  As even their caterer, Design Cuisine, found out, the wait for a reservation in the handful-of-tables sized restaurant is several weeks, easy.  So of course, we, they, I was inspired to give their guests the same type of experience.

Ingredient 1- VERY generous and understanding parents.

So the idea developed to create a restaurant in the basement of the bride's parents' home.  While I let the family manage the guest list, I started thinking decor.  The fabulous team at Capital Decor and Events draped the basement walls with sheer fabric, added a shaded chandelier, right off their office ceiling, over an existing wet bar, and fashioned benches and chairs into booths around the perimeter of the room with a few free standing tables.  Digital Lightning uplit the space with a romantic candle lit look as well as added party lights upstairs on the dance floor.

This handsome group really IS the family siblings: Lauren, Blake and Jacqueline

So the generous and understanding parents, here's where they came in.

             Parents of the bride

This was unlike so many of the private residence events I do where we tent the backyard and everything takes place outside.  We were invading their house, literally.  We had moving crews come in and take furniture away before any set up could begin.  We cleared out the basement, of course, as well as the dining room and living room, which served as the ceremony and reception spaces.

The intimate fete of just over 100 guests was exactly what the couple envisioned.  

Kendall of Kendall's cakes customized this amazing, homemade goodness of a spice cake.  

Cute pre-ceremony dress Jaime sported during cocktails out back on the deck as guests arrived.

Burger cookies, mmmmmmm.
Other participation vendors:
Fabulous Jenni Green at Studio Diana
Entertainment by Bialek's Music
Make up by Pattie Martin
Hair by Remona

I Love it!