Friday, July 9, 2010

Lillipop Designs Giveaway!

I have a theory that there are two types of people in the world: those who absolutely want kids in their wedding, and those who really don't. After seeing the charming, whimsical creations from today's giveaway sponsor, count me squarely in the former camp. 

Today's giveaway comes courtesy of the lovely Jayme Lillie, owner of the children's wear line Lillipop Designs. Each Lillipop design is handcrafted using reclaimed cotton and recycled fabrics. The results are as darling as they are eco-chic. 

Precious, right? And now one lucky Bridal Bubbly reader can win $50 towards a one-of-a-kind Lillipop Design! Just email us ( with Lillipop Designs in the subject line and tell us you'd like to be entered in the drawing. We'll pick a winner on Tuesday!

And in the meantime, enjoy this quick interview with the creative force behind Lillipop, Jayme Lillie.

What inspires you?
As a children's wear designer, I'm constantly inspired by the world around me. I have three small children of my own, and I find when I try to see the world from their perspectives, an entirely new realm opens! Nature's bounty is an endless source of inspiration... the colors, the organic shapes, even a particular scent can provoke a memory that leads to a new design. I'm also particularly inspired by anything and everything vintage. I love the simplicity and whimsy of vintage textiles, and collect them every chance I get!

How would you define your style?
My hope is that others see my style as being timeless. I design pieces with clean, simple lines and natural fabrics that are appropriate today and will be relevant in the future. The whimsy is in the details, while the classic silhouettes let a child's personality and charm shine. Above all, my style reflects the eco-friendly nature of my product while still being refined and current.

What are your favorite colors for the coming season?
The next season of Lillipops formalwear will feature more contrast. I'm doing quite a bit with graphic black and white, which is always on trend. Clean white with pops of color, like turquoise and yellow are always popular. For fall, I'll be introducing a few dresses in darker colors like navy and chocolate brown that are more appropriate for cooler weather celebrations.

What do you like most about working with brides?
I absolutely love working with brides. Each bride has a very specific vision for their special day, and I am so honored to be a part of that vision! Custom work is the backbone of Lillipops, and children's formal wear  is a joy to design and construct. I love knowing that the dresses I design are unique to that wedding and I hope they become family heirlooms.

What would be one piece of advice you'd give a bride? 
Make sure to take time to recharge. I remember planning my wedding more than a decade ago, and making all the dresses (including mine) myself. I was so exhausted by the actual wedding day, that it was hard just to let go and enjoy the day. Perfection is just an illusion... the best moments are usually completely unplanned. Whether it's making regular "dates" with your future spouse or taking a quiet solo break, it is vital to give yourself a respite from everything wedding related on occasion.

How to contact Lillipop Designs:

Thanks to Jayme for this fabulous giveaway!