Friday, February 12, 2010

South Beach Chic {Christine}

I designed my Coco Myles dress based on my dream wedding.
The setting…South Beach
The mood…Sexy South Beach Chic
My bridesmaid’s dresses are fun and flirty which reflects the fashionable beachfront hotel the wedding is being held at. Knowing that my guests will want to party and have a good time, the dresses need to be light weight.

Let me set the tone of the wedding for you. During a ceremony being held over the plexi-glassed pool, the warm wind of the ocean blew. Cocktail hour was held in a white curtain draped lobby where guests listened to live Latin music and smoked cigars rolled by a Miami native, guests reconvened by the pool to enjoy passed tapas and danced all night to the sounds of one of Miami’s best DJ’s. The color schemes of the wedding day mimic the Art Deco design of South Beach’s Ocean Drive.

So now you've seen all of our Coco Myles dresses and fantasy weddings to go with them. To recap, we have Alison's "Lavish, Lavish, Lavish," Laura's "In The Pink," Sara's Yellow Vision, Grace's "Autumn Fantasy," Amy's Orange Italian Riveria Vision and Christine's "South Beach Chic."

So let us know which is your favorite (you can vote just by commenting on your favorite post) and you'll be in the running to win a free Coco Myles dress of your very own! We will extend voting through Monday so everyone has time to read all of our fun posts and then we'll pick a winner on Tuesday morning. Happy voting!

What's That? You Want An Option That's Not So Ordinary, You Say?

Let's just say, if I had my chance at choosing bridesmaid dresses again I would definitely go BOLD. I can be a definitive extremist sometimes in my fashion style but for my own wedding, I had some trouble determining which color to put my ladies in. And I am certain, if you are a bride of a similar nature to myself, you carry a sassy bridal party with you which makes the decision that much harder.
I hear you, I hear you! The gowns out there to choose from are pretty, no doubt. But somewhere inside they just don't have quite enough, what's the word... PERSONALITY. So in keeping with the name of the game, here is my ultimate fairytale wedding!

First, think Amalfi Coast in Italy. Moving on from there, we have the rest of the details falling right into place from the invitations to the bridal jewels. Now, how could we possibly say no to these fabulous, one-of-a-kind gowns for your ladies?

{Click on the Inspiration Board below for larger view!}

Oh, and leave the traditional getaway cars for the traditional brides. Your getaway car... well, let's just say that we traded up...

Happy Planning!
Amy Lorraine