Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lavish, Lavish, Lavish {Alison}

Ask my sister Jackie what three words describe her dream wedding and she'll answer without hesitation: lavish, lavish, lavish (I know, technically that's one word three times, but what can I say? The girl has a vision).

My Coco Myles bridesmaid's dress and inspiration board are girly, romantic, and posh, just like J. Think couples in black-tie dancing the night away to a twelve piece band on a checkered dance floor with chandeliers twinkling overhead. And in the spirit of true decadence, my board features not one but two gorgeous cakes. What's more lavish than that?

Photo credits: cake (Martha Stewart Weddings), ring (Martha Stewart
Weddings), table setting (MSW), bouquet (MSW), car (Style Me Pretty), cake
(MSW), table setting (MSW), dress (Style Me Pretty)