Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wedding Raincoats!

It's another rainy day here in the D.C. area and, as wedding season approaches, my mind naturally turns to the possibility of rainy wedding days.  Although I carry almost a dozen huge umbrellas in my trunk for just such an occasion, the bride's gown always makes me nervous. One sneaky puddle or side-blowing rain and the bride ends up with water stains on her dress.

RainyDay BridalWear has made a raincoat for brides to wear just in case they have a rainy wedding day. This wedding dress raincoat is crystal clear so you can see the gown through it and has crystal snaps and satin cording. An over-sized hood fully protects the bride's hair, as well. The also completely wraps underneath, protecting the gown from wet grass and walkways on the way to ceremony and reception sites. I think this is so clever as the bottom of the gown always takes the biggest beating!

I think I may have to add one of these to my emergency kit. Although I'm not usually a fan of wearing clear plastic, I'd make an exception to get the bride to the church without soaking her dress. You can find this online at .