Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bonzie bridal wrap giveaway!

Everyone at the Engaging Affairs office could not be more excited about this next giveaway, let me tell you. Excited, thrilled, and a wee bit envious for whoever the winner is, because the prize is just that good. 

There was a lot of drooling over keyboards the day we discovered Irish fashion label Bonzie's Etsy shop. Simply put, we're OBSESSED with Yvonne and Ger's "tattered chic neovictorian steampunk" aesthetic. It's just so cool. Behold:

I can keep going, you guys. Check out these boleros and wraps. Total eye candy:

And now the best part: Bonzie is giving away a bridal wrap to one very lucky Bridal Bubbly reader! The selection of wraps can be seen at this link to their Etsy store. They're all one size fits all, and all absolutely to die for. To enter the drawing, send an email with Bonzie in the title and a quick note to  We'll pick a winner on Friday so check back!

Thank you so much to the entire Bonzie team for this fabulous giveaway-- and a special thanks to Yvonne for sitting down for an interview!

How did you start your business?
Both Ger and I studied fashion and designs in University and we have always loved to create. However, it wasn't until we opened our wares to the International Online audience that things really took off. Coming from a small town in the South of Ireland had its limitations and we found that opening our world to a larger audience has really helped our brand establish over the last two years. We now run a busy etsy store where we sell our trademark wraps and boleros, as well as tattered couture accessories. We also keep a blog at where we share our world with our readers on a regular basis.

Where do you get your design inspiration?
We are both hopelessly romantic so we tend to look back to era's in fashion where romance, ruffles, decadent embellishments and elegant sensibilities were the order of the day! There is no finer period in time than the Victorian Era for this! Bonzie is particularly influenced by this time and create Victorian Inspired fashion with romantic, vintage appeal.

How would you define your style?
Hopelessly Romantic with an elegant edge!

What do you love about weddings?
The sheer excuse to dress up in finery! I love that a bridal party can totally indulge in whimsical nostalgia for the day and the overall fantasy of the elaborate ensembles. As designers it would be much like a child in a sweetshop!

What is one thing (equipment, tool, timesaver) you couldn't do without in your work?
This one might surprise you given that you might be expecting a sewing accoutrement, however I should think that the laptop and our accessibility to our clients worldwide via the web is one of our most indisposable items. We have enjoyed working with an online audience over the last few years and there is nothing quite like that feeling in the morning whereby you switch on your computer to find emails from brides all over the world introducing themselves and sharing their special day from afar. It's an incredible feeling that the world is so small and connected.

What is one piece of advice you'd give a bride?
Time and time again we would advise our brides to be totally ‘comfy’ with their choices in design/shade/style etc. Often brides get a lot of input from family and friends around them regarding what they should wear etc. However we would always recommend that a bride take a moment to ask herself if she is totally comfy in her choices as it is her special time and having confidence in her ensemble choices will go along way to feeling good on her big day! In a nutshell: try not to be influenced too much by those around you, take their advise on board but go with whatever makes you feel good about yourself overall!

How to contact Bonzie:

Good luck!

Parker's Crazy Cookies Winner!

The winners keep coming!  Picking winner is seriously a lot of fun!  And in case you're wondering, we are super scientific over here. Okay, maybe not.  We have a bowls and tiny slips of paper and we all take turns grabbing names after being blindfolded and spun around a few (dozen) times.

Congratulations to Amy Wang for winning the 25 bags of wedding cookies.  Don't eat them all at once!