Thursday, July 22, 2010

Giveaways Galore

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2 Brides, 1 Long-Awaited, Amazing Wedding! {Bess + Alex}

Oh happy day!  After 12 years of dating, my brides Bess and Alex were finally able to make their union official.  The venue…Bess’ Aunt Mildred and Uncle Jack’s Great Falls home.  The colors…black, white and cobalt blue.

Can you guess what we love most about the photo below?  Okay, aside from everything?  LOVING the shoes and the hair feather.  So sassy!

With the brides moving overseas in early September, they decided they would incorporate travel undertones for their June wedding.  Some of these details included a Passport-style wedding program, luggage tags as food labels, and an edible globe topping their amazing cupcake tower designed by the talented Lara of Fluffy Thoughts, just to name a few.

The 100+ guests were shuttled to the venue courtesy of Reston Limousine.  Upon arriving, they were treated to ice cold water, tea and lemonade on the front patio while waiting to enter the barn area, which served as our ceremony location.   Uncle Jack is a collector of extremely rare and ornate organs from all over the world, which lined the walls of the barn.  Touches of white draping were placed throughout the barn to add a whimsical touch.  Black chairs lined the aisle and two amazing arrangements sitting atop mirrored pedestals flanked the front of the room where the two brides said “I Do.”

The brides really made the ceremony their own.  A dear friend performed the ceremony and all of the songs played were from their favorite TV show, "Glee."  The bridal party entered the ceremony to the “Somebody to Love,” both brides walked in to “No Air” and the brides exited their ceremony to “My Life Would Suck Without You.”   Keeping with the color theme, we even had a local black snake try to sneak into the ceremony. Thank you to the gentleman at John Farr who captured it and released it about a mile away from the house!

Bess and Alex took some fabulous portraits with the talented Joe from (an Engaging Affairs favorite) Love Life Images.


Throughout cocktails and dinner, guests were able freely roam the property and were invited to sit wherever they wished.  There were several different seating areas, each having a different feel to it.  Under the trees in the front yard, amber uplights lit the tress, white whitewashed wooden tables were scattered around the front yard with black chairs and amazing sunken floral vignettes that included wheat grass, river rocks and lush, white flowers in cobalt blue vases.  

Under the tent, the black and white checkered dancefloor was surrounded by 2 lounge areas with black and white couches.  

The pool house, where two of the buffets (and bar) were located, was lit with bright blue lighting (provided by John Farr Lighting), littered with white benches along the walls and glowed from the candles that were placed around the pool.  The back patio, where the third buffet was set up, had traditional seating in a bit more quiet setting. The bride’s worked closely with the extremely creative Patrick at Capitol D├ęcor (we love you, Patrick!) to come up with the flower design and furniture concepts throughout the venue.   

Chris Kopec, our MC and DJ, had everyone on the dance floor and spun everything from Thievery Corporation to Lady Gaga to Ke$ha to the Black Eyed Peas.   

Thanks to the amazing team of vendors who made this special day happened!  Sugarplum Tents provided the fabulous tent and dance floor and Party Rental provided the tables, linens, chairs and tableware.  It was such a privelage to be a part of this beautiful day for a beautiful couple.  Congratulations Alex and Bess! All the best wishes from all of us at Engaging Affairs!


ACKC Winner!

The lucky chocoholic (I hope) who won the $35 gift card to ACKC Cocoa Bar (and who will be sharing with us, yes?) is Kristin Williams.  Shoot us an email at and we will hook you up.  Congrats!