Monday, December 7, 2009

Quick Get Away! {Amy & Clark}

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are more than ever a staple to your engagement period. And for many years, this outing has typically been a fun night out on the town with your closest friends. Now, couples are branching out and doing joint parties, spa days or golf outings. I have also heard of a lot of bridal parties wisking away the bride or groom to all out away weekends to their choice destination location. Everything from the Florida coast to Paris, France!

I was just sitting here day-dreaming of my own away weekend coming up soon and thought I would share a few pictures from my most recent bachelorette weekend.

If you recall, our very own Sara was recently married {Pictures from her wedding coming soon!} and we had an absolute BLAST at her away weekend at Disney World in Orlando, FL. We went in late October and it was wonderful having the warm sun beating down on us while laying by the pool for a few fabulous days! Now, it wasn't so much fun coming home to the freezing cold, but that's just life I suppose.This is a great pic of Sara & I. Trying to get into the Disney spirit and I had 5 pins of flair... who knows what I was thinking but it was fun!!

Obviously when it came to my own wedding, I was so excited to get out of DC for a few days and go on what is hopefully going to be the most fabulously fun girls weekend I have ever experienced! What is better than having all your best girlfriends with you for 3 days, at least 6 great meals and countless bottles of champagne?! We have decided to head out to the of Big Apple NYC in late January. Granted, it may be a bit chilly that time of year in New York but that's just fine with me. Snow boots, puffy coat and a new sweater and we'll be set!

Clark's brother {& Best Man}, Rob, decided to take the guys and head out to Snowshoe Ski Resort in WV for his bachelor weekend. Definitely more of a macho man trip than tromping down 5th Avenue shopping but we'll let the guys have their fun too.

I'll be sure to post pictures after our trip, stay tuned!

Whatever you end up doing to celebrate your last single times with your friends, have fun & be safe! We need you in one piece on your wedding day :)

Amy Lorraine