Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

In tribute to the amazing weather D.C. has been having (hello, summer!), I thought I'd post a wedding photo to sum up how I feel. Weeee Heeeeeee!  Happy Friday, everyone!!

Grassroots Gourmet

Last week we blogged about the wonder that is Luke's Lobster, YUM!  Such a small world.  One of my clients e mailed me to tell me they went to school with him.  I love that.  Real people success stories.  Ok, that sounds kind of sappy.  Moving on, last night I met with two women, whose grandmothers are sisters, making them cousins.  These women, Sara and Jamilyah, decided to take grandmas' recipes and start a desserts business.  Grassroots Gourmet was born.

This duo has a passion for baking to your specifications.  While a large amount of their business currently comes from government orders, non profits and law firms, they are growing their wedding cake business as well as supplying yummy desserts to area restaurants.  Enter Luke's Lobster.  Woopie Pies sold there, from the talented ladies of Grassroots Gourmet.  Did I mention they are also getting ready to open a storefront?  Who doesn't want another desserts shop around.

Their approach to cakes is very unique, which is important as I think everyone has their own cake preferences based on their upbringing.  The interview clients- brides, grooms, birthday/anniversary clients, etc. about flavors and tastes that they loved in childhood and seek out now.  They customize new flavors for each client.  Now of course, you can still get your traditional red velvet or chocolate, chocolate, chocolate :)  But for a really unique taste, give them some details and find out what they can come up with.

These ladies love pies as well and I am currently exploring an array of desserts with them for a summer wedding along with blueberry muffins with them for another event.