Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year's Eve Wedding at The Monaco

Just a teaser from my New Year's Eve wedding at The Monaco. I was so thrilled the confetti poppers worked. You can't see me in the photo but I'm on the side shooting up huge flutterfetti wands one after another over the bride and groom's heads to make sure we had plenty of confetti. Can you ever have enough confetti? I mean, really? Thanks to Jennifer Domenick at Love Life Images for the gorgeous photo. More fabulous images and info to come!

Final Decisions {Amy & Clark}

After showing you a few of our initial invitation options, here are the final versions that we ended up sending out! There were so many decisions to be made {just like every other aspect of the planning process!} but it was a BLAST working on the designs with Clark and my dearest mum.

When designing your own invitations, make sure to convey the final look you are hoping for. Whether modern, sleek, traditional or fun, your invitations should be the first glimpse for your as to what the vibe of the wedding will be. Work with a designer like Jason to get the final product that you are happy with!

Not to mention, the many possibilities for papers, envelope colors, calligraphy, etc etc etc! Make sure to build in extra time for invitations when designing your own as there will be many conversations back and forth with the artist. You don't want to get off track and end up sending them out too late on account of having that personal touch.

Happy Planning!
Amy Lorraine