Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gilded Bee giveaway!

Yesterday, I called fashion designer Bonzie's creations total eye candy. Visiting the Etsy store of today's giveaway sponsor is akin to wandering down the aisles of a candy shop and wanting everything in the store. Sasha's creations are just so delicious--a feast for the eyes, and the kind of details that elevate a great wedding into an unforgettable one.  Not that you even need to be planning a wedding as an excuse to spend some time frolicking among the flowers and butterflies at the Gilded Bee

So now that you've got some Gilded Bee in your bonnet, enter today's giveaway for a chance to win a $40 gift certificate to the Etsy store. Just email us at with Gilded Bee in the subject line to enter the drawing. The winner will be announced early next week. And in the meantime, enjoy this interview with the creative mind behind Gilded Bee, Sasha Lynne North. 

How did you start your business?
I started selling handmade stuff when I was a kid at craft fairs and local shops. Then after I graduated from high school, I discovered etsy. I started very small (etsy is so easy to use), and have been working towards selling online full time.

What is your design style?
Whimsical, and somewhat vintage. 

Where do you find inspiration?
Nature, the candy aisle at the grocery store, other crafters and artists, paint chips, vintage design, vintage ephemera and wallpaper-- almost anywhere.

What is your favorite design in your line? 
That's a hard choice! I love the butterflies and mini flowers :) 

What do you love about weddings?
The personalities behind the events.
What is one piece of advice you'd offer brides?
Incorporate what you love. Look for inspiration in quirky places. Once I made flowers from the wedding party’s favorite comics!

How to contact The Gilded Bee:
Etsy Shop:

Good luck!