Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Twelve Sustainable Wedding Trends for 2012

“Sustainable weddings aren’t just about ‘going green’ anymore, though that’s certainly a big part of it. In 2012, sustainable brides and grooms will also support local industries, avoid frivolous spending, and choose wedding elements that can be incorporated into their married lives long after the big day,” says Tracy DiNunzio, founder and CEO of Recycled Bride. “It’s exciting to see that so many of this year’s hot wedding trends are also good for people and the planet.”

12 Sustainable Wedding Trends for 2012 from Recycled Bride 1. Something Old, Something New: Wedding resale has doubled in the last year, with more than 20% of all brides selling or shopping for a gently used wedding dress, decor, or bridal accessory online. Couples will find even more ways to reduce, reuse, and resell in 2012, using sites like Recycled Bride to score great deals on new and once-used wedding items.

2. Brides Get Fascinated: This year’s must-have bridal trend is the fascinator; a luxe headpiece or hair accessory made from lace, fabric flowers, feathers or jewels. Brides will embrace all styles, from extravagant Carrie Bradshaw-esque peacock toppers to more understated ivory and white flower hair clips, often made from vintage or recycled materials.

3. Cakes Make a Comeback: Cupcake towers and dessert tables have dominated the dessert scene for years, but the traditional wedding cake is back for 2012. Multi-layered, extravagantly decorated, and almost always white, this year’s cakes take center stage. Fresh, local ingredients like fruit preserves and cage-free eggs make the very best cakes both delicious and guilt-free.

4. Flor-ternatives: Traditional cut flowers are expensive, and their bouquets often wilt before the honeymoon has begun. But paper flowers are forever, and come in an exciting variety of styles and colors that can be enjoyed as home accessories long after the big day. Other popular and long-lasting floral alternatives are vintage brooch bouquets and succulent plants.

5. Something Blue: Royal blue sapphires are outshining diamonds this year as engagement jewel of choice. Sapphires let couples avoid conflict diamonds — and bling-bling prices.

6. Modesty & Lots o’ Lace: Inspired by Kate Middleton’s royal wedding gown, 2012’s brides are loving lace-covered arms and shoulders. Many will opt for vintage lace capelets and shrugs, which can be shed at the reception for a sexier look. This lets brides enjoy a variety of styles, and marks the end of the “two dress” trend.

7. Midnight Munchies: As wedding celebrations become all-nighters for some, couples are filling the bellies of party-hardy guests with a midnight snack. But forget the fancy food and formal presentation when it comes to late-night eats, which are all about comforting, locally-sourced finger foods.

8. Virtual Guests: Technology is making it possible for faraway friends and relatives to attend 2012 weddings without traveling. This year, guests will arrive via tablets and smartphones, on Facetime and Skype, enjoying special moments they might have otherwise missed (and conserving on travel!)

9. A Signature Sipper: Signature cocktails are all the rage, with couples inventing creative concoctions that let guests get their drink on. Skipping the traditional overstocked wedding bar, 2012’s savviest brides and grooms are going with one signature cocktail, complemented by a selection of organic wines and local beer.

10. DIY Wedding Videos: Using Flipcams, smartphones, and an army of friends, many couples will forgo traditional wedding videos in favor of DIY mashups that recorded from their guests’ perspectives. Free online editing tools like WeVideo make it easy for creative couples to edit their own dream wedding videos.

11. Smashing Sashes: Wedding dresses with belts and sashes are hot this year, turning up both on the runway and down the aisle. And the best part of going belted? It’s not just figure-flattering, but embellished sashed can be re-used in real life, either as accessories or home decor.

12. Home is Where the Party Is: Taking cues from homey newlyweds like Reese Witherspoon, Kate Moss, Lily Allen, Lauren Bush, and Milla Jovovich, wedding receptions at home are hot. Backyard bashes have gone elegant and upscale, with couples using the natural beauty of their own outdoor spaces to create warm and beautiful wedding receptions.