Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jackie Kennedy Inspiration Board

If I've done my job right then you won't even need the picture in the bottom right corner to identify today's style icon. Pillbox hat, gloves, a triple strand of pearls and cake with bows and buttons... could it be anyone but Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis? Jackie's wardrobe during the Camelot years exuded regal sophistication: geometric designs in sumptuous fabrics that perfectly matched her striking natural beauty. The two wedding dresses in the bottom row are both from J. Crew, an especially appropriate choice considering the brand favors simple A-line silhouettes and is a favorite of our current First Lady!

Photo credits: cake (Maisie Fantaisie), pillbox hat (Couture Bridal), gloves (Rebekah Westover), pearls (Brides.com), neckline (Karen Wise Photography), earrings (J. Crew),  Hammersmith Farm (Captainvic.com), pink dress (Oscar de la Renta), bridal gowns (J. Crew), Jackie Kennedy (Life Magazine)