Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Earth Week!

April 22nd is Earth Day so here at Bridal Bubbly we're going to be celebrating all week long! We love eco-friendly wedding ideas so all week we'll be highlighting our favorite green wedding finds.

One of the age-old wedding questions is what to throw as you're leaving the ceremony or reception. Most places don't allow rice or confetti and lots of historic sites around here have nixed sparklers so that leaves you with not much (especially if you don't like the idea of bubbles). And if you're trying to limit your waste (you hate the idea of plastic bubble containers getting tossed into a landfill), things get really tough.

We were in one such predicament with an upcoming wedding until we discovered eco-friendly confetti that is biodegradable and dissolves upon contact with water plus paper cones made out of seed paper that can be planted after the wedding!

We love this eco-friendly (and lovely) idea! Not only can your guests shower you with confetti (great for photos) but they can then take the cones home and plant them in their garden. Love it!