Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gustavo Mottola {A Makeup Lesson}

Sorry for the extended absence everyone. I always take a little time off around the holidays since I work through most holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.) but now I am back at it!

While I was off, I had the good fortune to see one of my industry colleagues, makeup artist Gustavo Mottola. I've known Gustavo for eons and we've done some pretty phenomenal weddings together. He is such a great guy plus he always makes brides look stunning (and it's fun to see the latest celebrities that he's done--Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes)! Recently, he's developed his own line of organic skin care and makeup (Gustavo Cosmetics) so my eco-friendly brides love him even more. No animal testing or harmful chemicals or any yucky stuff!

The reason I got to see Gustavo the day after Christmas was that he was part of my stepdaughter's Christmas present. She's in high school and apparently the trend for 14-year-old girls is to wear as much black eyeliner as possible without actually tipping over from the weight of it. Since I didn't want her to go through life looking like she'd been sucker punched, I called Gustavo and set up a makeup lesson.

He was so great at showing her how to do everything from clean her face to how to put on blush so that it looks natural to how to do her eyes without caking on the liner. She left looking so pretty and with a bag full of new makeup and lots of confidence. I even got a party favor: Gustavo's Vitamin C Lifting Serum. I have been faithfully applying it and I could swear that I look 25 again. For those of you saying that you thought I was 25, I love you the most!

Check out Gustavo if you're looking for great wedding day makeup (and hair--he has a resident stylist) or just a lesson to learn how to do your own. And check out his amazing organic products online!