Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Family Affair

As I look back at my CRAZY October, and start to fill you in on it, I realize it started off in such a familiar fashion. Of course a wedding is a family affair, as my blog post title describes. But the wedding of John Yavari and Christina Aumann was more of that to me than normal.

This past year, and next year is shaping up to be, a tremendous year for me and sibling weddings. A huge honor and one of the biggest compliments in my book. This year, I had the pleasure of doing three weddings for sisters OR brothers of past brides. Let's start with John and Christina and work our way backwards.

John and Christina met in school and that was just the end of that.

Heartthrob that he was, and I know this because best man Nick Caldwell, brother of my former bride Allison (Caldwell) Bliss, collected keys to John's room from the lovely ladies in attendance at the wedding during his speech. (See, it was a big Engaging Affairs extended family affair!) Anyway, Christina had captured his heart and the couple got engaged just before his sister, Josephine, wed Robert Reger last October.

The two weddings, as they should be, were very different. The first at the Stephen Decatur House in Washington, DC and John and Christina's at the Ritz Carelton, Pentagon City. The first had more of a land ans sea feel, appropriate for the bride and groom's professional dealings, while John and Christina's was more red hot and sultry with color and had a modern twist on a favorite traditional venue. Jo's wedding had live fish, John's wedding had a live ninja. Similar, but completely different. Exactly what I love about weddings, but what I love even more about sibling's weddings.

Not only was the family the same, but I got to work with a hand full of the same vendors as well. Toni Footer from The Write Image got us going again with invitations. Justine Ungaro captured the day in stunning style. Leslie at Fancy Cakes by Leslie created two more breathtaking cakes and Digital Lightning lit up to space to create the appropriate feel. Thanks for sticking with the team everyone!

Ok, so I mentioned this was one of the three family weddings I had the honor of participating in this year. Stay tuned to recap the other two and their sibling's events!