Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Remembering an Outdoor Wedding...during this heat!

As stifling as last week and weekend had been, it is a true blessing in disguise.  I have planned many a summer wedding in my time, but how do you get those excited couples planning their July and August weddings during the beautiful fall months to remember just how hot summers in DC get?  While I am on a small wedding hiatus after my jam packed spring, I can't help but think of the handful of summer weddings I have next year and how glad I am that I can use this weather to point out that being outside is not something you want to take a chance on.

It makes me think back on a couple I worked with in June of 2008 and the absolutely beautiful weather we had...oh wait, that was not without stress.  If any of you remember June 2008, it rained just about EVERY DAY, including the morning of Laura and Ben's wedding at his family home in Easton, MD.

Armed with what photographer Mary Gardella of Love Life Images called my "wellies" I made the command decision to carry on as scheduled with the outdoor ceremony an hour before we were supposed to begin, just as the rain started to ease.  (Note, not every planner is as adventurous as I)  The event that followed could not have been any more perfect.  Enjoy!