Monday, February 16, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Happy President's Day! This holiday Monday kicks off a special series in the Washington Post Style section on line and in print; Wedding Week 2009. That's right ladies, it's here. And if my brides are any indication, 2009 is flying by so it's time to get going if you are planning nuptials this year.

The series begins on line today and covers the topics of ring shopping, planning your wedding for the perfect day of weather and finally movie proposals (to be followed up at the end of the week by readers true stories of proposals) A quick note on that. This past Saturday, yes, Valentine's Day, I was with my man at a Maryland Terps basketball game, die hard terps fan that I am, and of course they played the "kiss me" song and showed couples kissing on the jumbo tron. Well, wouldn't you know a couple kissed and the camera stayed put as the nervous sports fan got down on his knee and popped the question to his unsuspecting girlfriend. The crowd went wild and as one sports reported said, "the Terps held up their end of the deal and won the game". All I know is if I were that women, I wouldn't have been able to sit through the second half. Did someone upgrade these two kids to court side?? And just a quick note on planning your wedding with perfect weather in mind. Don't sweat it! And do NOT check the almanac and tell me there has been prefect weather the past 4 years on this date so you are doing it. That is your ticket to ruin. Last year I had a beautiful August day erupt into stormy chaos minutes before a wedding and a cold rainy week in October bloom into an 81 degree November first afternoon. You can't predict it so don't try!!
I leave you with this- Don't forget to check the Post's wedding series on Thursday. Yours truly and the other ladies of Engaging Affairs met at a favorite bridal shop Hitched in Georgetown last Wednesday to play around and talk weddings with one of the reporters. Find out what we had to say about the economy, the environment and fun things to help set your wedding apart from the others. You can find on on line or in print. Enjoy!