Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bridal Shower for Wine Lovers {Cookies & Corks}

Today I'm thrilled to share with you a yummy find: Cookies & Corks!  These delectable cookies from Cookie Zen are created to be paired and eaten with wine.  How much fun is that? Now I can combine two of my favorite things properly. Who knew that I'd been doing it wrong for all these years?

Each box of Cookies & Corks cookies is designed for a type of wine: red, white or sparkling.  The red wine cookies are espresso chocolate peanut butter, white cheddar rosemary and shortbread. White wine is paired with apricot sage, peanut butter chocolate and ginger molasses cookies.  And sparkling wine matches with iced lemon, parmesan thyme and sea salt chocolate oatmeal. There can be overlap, though, and they have a guide that lets you know matches for specific varietals. The iced lemon cookies, for example, pair well with Prosecco and Merlot while the ginger molasses cookies go well with Pinot Grigio and Shiraz.

Aside from just being a really cool idea and a must gift for any foodie on your list, this strikes me as a great option for a really unique bridal shower or party. I love the idea of a wine and cookie tasting bridal shower where the gifts are either related to baking or wine.  Or each guest could bring two bottles of wine: one to use for tasting and one to stock the couple's wine cellar.  I know we're always trying to come up with something new for showers and wedding-related parties and this is so fun!  It also is ideal for coed or couples showers because men love cookies and wine as much as women.  You could also have some fun blindfolded taste testing games if you must throw a game into the mix.

These fabulous boxes of cookies would also make an excellent welcome gift for out of town guests.  Pair a box of cookies with a bottle of wine or champagne (or a split if a bottle is too cumbersome) and you have a gift that guests will truly enjoy (and one that is pretty unique).  The boxes are attractively designed and make a nice presentation.  We are always looking for new ideas for welcome bags and, believe me, this is on my list.

Be sure to check out Cookies & Corks. I'm thinking of hosting a cookie and wine tasting party over the holidays just to test out all the pairings.  The things I have to do for my job.  Sigh. We hope you enjoy this fun find as much as we have!