Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Custom Touch {Guest Books}

Guest books, picture boards, even plates and pottery.  There is no end to what items brides and grooms are asking their guests to sign these days.  The traditional signature record at a wedding was a simple book with lines where guests could sign their names and a three word message, if they wrote small.  That always seemed pretty silly to me.  What will the couple do with that book after a few weeks?

More recently, we have seen guest books made from the pictures of couples' engagement or informal portrait shoots.  This is such a smart idea.  Where else are you going to keep all those great, fun pictures?  It also allows guests who wouldn't otherwise have seen them, to leaf through and see the couple in their more everyday element. 

A few months ago, Erin, a bride of mine, pulled out such a beautiful, personalized guest book that I couldn't wait to share it.

Jenni Bick makes customized photo albums, journals, guest books, planners and more.  Her fun creative styles allow couples to use colors, monograms, pictures and motifs on the cover of their books.  You can use leather, velvet or linen in neutral tones and can get as fun or sophisticated as you'd like.  The photo albums would also be a great gift to the bride from her ladies.  Think about reliving the fun of the shower and bachelorette party over and over again!