Monday, April 16, 2012

New Find {Photography by Susie}

Every once in a while we come across wedding vendors who are new to us and so fabulous we just have to share. I felt this way when I met Susie and Becky from Photography by Susie.  These two fun women married brothers and decided to team up and build a photography business. It's clear as soon as you meet them that they have a great yin-yang balance and also have lots of fun together.

Not only are they talented photographers, they are so easy-going that you can't help but relax around them. I love how they describe themselves on their website:
  • Susie ran a business in her former career.  Becky was a math teacher.
  • Becky loves cooking. Susie burns water.
  • Susie has a bottomless mug of coffee.  Becky drinks hot chocolate.
  • Becky has watched every episode, commentary, and deleted scene from The Office.  Susie likes watching Castle.
  • Susie’s photography courses took her, among other places, to Europe.  Becky learned on her kids.
  • Becky’s a runner. Susie likes word games.
  • Becky loves to garden.  Susie can’t keep a houseplant alive.
  • Susie has a great poker face.  Becky wears her heart on her sleeve.
How can you not love them? But don't take my word for it. Check out their work!

And be sure to visit their blog, which not only covers the weddings and portraits they shoot but also has fun things like recipes for cake pops and thoughts on life.  This talented team may be new(ish) to DC but brides had better snap them up before the secret gets out and they get BIG!