Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Cuisine Trends for 2011

It's easy to focus on the design and decor of a wedding because it's something we can see.  But the tastes at your wedding are just as important, if not more so.  If you've ever been to a wedding with really bad food, you know what I mean. Here are some of the latest trends in the wedding culinary world.

- The Gastropub phenomenon. Beer is huge now so why not add beer pairings with cheeses or small bites? Lagers, ales, stouts can all be included in a fun beer tasting bar.

- Farm-to-Table. Lots of couples who consider themselves foodies or locavores are interested in where everything comes from. Including the food's lineage on menu cards--the farm that grew the heirloom tomatoes or the ranch that raised the organic beef-- or on the food signs for the buffet, is something that's becoming more popular.

-Global flavors. Ethnic options from Thailand, Latin America, Africa and Vietnam are all popular. Vietnamese Pho soup sips and mini Oaxacan tacos offer guests something unique during cocktail hour.

-Small is still big. Small bites from fries in paper cones to mini salads in edible cups are still popular. It's all about portion control and giving your guests lots of interesting bites instead of huge, groaning plates of food.

-Whoopie! The cupcake has been bumped off for the whoopie pie. These yummy treats come in tons of flavors and are easy and fun to eat.

-Eye on the Pie. As a huge fan of pies, I'm thrilled that they are taking their rightful place at weddings. I love the idea of a pie table instead of a dessert buffet! And how cute are these pie pops?

-Food Trucks. Food trucks that dish out deluxe fare are all the rage in cities right now (DC has amazing lobster rolls served out of a truck). Have one pull up at your wedding for late night nibbles!

Okay, now I'm really hungry! Enjoy!