Friday, May 14, 2010

Artfully Done {Heidi + Michael}

There is always tons of excitement when Wedding Day approaches for each client we work with. However, for this wedding there was an extra measure of thrill in the air on April 10th as we were the very 1st wedding to take place at the Long View Gallery! And paired with the most fantastic couple, Heidi + Michael, it was such a fun day for everyone!

We did have a few obstacles to overcome that day... mainly that the Secret Service had put up steel walls along 9th St NW to protect the Convention Center for the upcoming Nuclear Security Summit. Luckily, Suzi from the Gallery made a quick phone call and we were able to get Secret Service to remove the wall from the front door of the Gallery! Never a dull moment in Washington, DC. The entire crowd was incredibly upbeat all day and lasted through the 7 hour reception - complete with dancing and cigars out back in the alley. My absolute favorite point during the evening was the impromptu smashing of the glass and hora that took place out back sometime around 11pm! What a riot!

HUGE thanks to Robert Holley Photography for capturing the day and getting us fabulous photos to share with you!

I just adore the way the light was streaming in through the garage door! Just enough for an effect worthy of the art-filled space.

We even had our own National Championship Winning Oyster Shuckers on hand for the cocktail hour - HUGE hit with the crowd! Thanks to Martooni's for coming to the wedding and sharing their awesome shucking expertise with us!

Heidi had the perfect perspective on her wedding day - have fun and enjoy the day!

I love how the space transformed from lofty ceremony to a cozy dinner atmosphere. The lighting couldn't have been better for both aspects of the wedding.

Cigars and the hora in the alley, the night just couldn't have been better! Long View offers a TON of options with their alley space - you can even put up a tent to extend the usable indoor space and set up a lounge style space in the back.

Thank you to all the vendors that made Heidi + Michael's day a truly wonderful experience. I can't wait to work with you all next time!

Venue: Long View Gallery
Caterer: Grand Cuisine
Photographer: Robert Holley
Entertainment: DJ Hawk
Bridal Gown: Hitched
Oysters: ProFish
Oyster Shuckers: Martooni's
Trusty Assistant (who saved the day more than once!): Clark
Cake: Fluffy Thoughts
Valet: Marc Parc Valet

Happy Planning!
Amy Lorraine