Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Relaunch Redux {Bethany Lorelle}

Anyone need a fabulous hair accessory to top off their New Year's Eve outfit? I have a few suggestions, courtesy of Bethany Lorelle:

Check out Bethany's great new online store for more gorgeous accessories, like the hair fascinator she gave away to one lucky Bridal Bubbly reader this summer. Ooh la la!

Relaunch Redux {The Gilded Bee}

You guys, it did not click in my head until a minute ago that it being the holidays everywhere means that it is also the holidays on Etsy!!! Why did no one point this out to me earlier?  Look at the garland I could have purchased from The Gilded Bee instead of painstakingly stringing popcorn and cranberries:

Thank you, Gilded Bee, not only for participating in Bridal Bubbly blog relaunch this summer, but also for enabling me to decorate like my idol Dolly Parton. She would totally love that cotton candy pink garland, don't you think?

Check out more of The Gilded Bee's fabulous decor offerings on Etsy.