Monday, August 13, 2012

Wedding Planners Save the Day!!

At almost every wedding I've ever coordinated, I stop and wonder at some point how things would have gone if I hadn't been there. There have been so many times when I've done things behind-the-scenes to prevent a disaster or make something happen perfectly. Not every wedding . . . but just about.  Sometimes it's something small like sewing a missing button back on the groom's tux right before the ceremony but sometimes it's something big. What Christine did to save her wedding this past Saturday was BIG.

I love getting to assist my team (assisting is a breeze compared to being the go-to planner) and Saturday I bopped on down to The Mandarin Hotel to help out Christine.  When I arrived, she'd already discovered that the bride really wanted plywood under the aisle runner because the ground was soggy and everyone's heels were sinking. Alas, the design company didn't have plywood so Christine made a few phone calls and found someone who could run out and buy the plywood (not easy to find on a Saturday morning), load it onto a truck and deliver it to us. This may have been the first weeding where I've actually helped haul sheets of plywood from a hotel loading dock (hello, splinters)!

The first crisis was averted and the now sturdy aisle runner was in place when the rain storm we'd been watching on radar all day decided to unleash on us 10 minutes before ceremony time. We rushed the important items inside (like the microphones and keyboard) but Christine remained outside with the amazing Bret from The Mandarin and the two of them held onto the chuppah to make sure it didn't blow away in the increasingly strong winds. Talk about dedication!

The rain passed quickly and, along with the very efficient hotel staff, we got the ceremony chairs wiped off and everything moved back outside so the ceremony could begin only a couple of minutes later than originally planned.  Not every planner would have (literally) held the wedding together so that it could proceed so smoothly and with almost no delay. Completely impressive!

The bride and groom and their families were so appreciative and, although I know Christine would have done it regardless, their gratitude made everything even more worth it. Most couples have no idea all the things we do to make their weddings happen but it's nice when they thank you for getting splinters and getting soaked to the bone so their wedding can be fabulous!

Hats off to all the amazing wedding planners out there who make it happen (mostly behind-the-scenes) and huge kudos to Christine for being AMAZING!  I would love to hear from the other planners out there. What is your best wedding day save?