Friday, June 3, 2011

Namaste for Your Wedding Day!

Let's face it, wedding planning is stressful. You're planning perhaps the biggest social event you've ever planned, orchestrating two sets of families who may or may not get along (not to mention the people within your own family who don't get along), coordinating thousands of details and learning that your fiance has a completely different style than you.  It's no wonder brides can get a little high-strung.

I am a big fan of yoga and have been practicing for a little over six years since I was first introduced to Ashtanga yoga. I still love Ashtanga but have also tried Bikram, Kundalini, Power yoga and Vinyasa.  I love the calm I get after yoga even if I only have time to squeeze in a few down dogs at home.

Yoga is a great practice for brides. It calms you down, slows the mind (so you can stop obsessing about the seating chart for two minutes) and can whip you into shape.  If you think yoga is gentle and easy, try sweating through a hot yoga class and then come talk to me.

Several studios have popped up focused on yoga for brides (although none in DC) and I think it's a great idea. I've arranged morning yoga classes for plenty of bridal parties and it is a fabulous way to start off the wedding day. Yoga for Weddings has teachers in nine states including New York and California who can do everything from teach a wedding day class to plan a yoga training plan leading up to the big day. Bliss Lab: Yoga for Brides is based in the Twin Cities and offers fun yoga bachelorette party packages. Check them out or check out a yoga studio in your town.  There are also private teachers who can develop a practice for you to focus on certain issues (toning up arms for those wearing strapless gowns, for instance).

Here's wishing all brides peace on their wedding day. Namaste!