Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedding Transportation Options

As the spring wedding season gets underway, I am confronted with how to get my brides and grooms from hotel to ceremony to reception and back. When they are not situated to walk from venue to venue, most of them want to move in style. There are a few options for this.

The first option is your standard white or black limo. Most brides want white, just be warned that for some reason there are fewer white vehicles out there than black. So, be sure to reserve early! Staying within the limo family, you move into your suvs. While it may seem like a fun idea to roll up to your church rocking tunes in this serious car, it may be more suitable to transport your fine men in this stylish manor. Unfortunately, it can be quite a manuver to get into this vehicle for most women in their dresses. It's a high up step in. As a last note on the more traditional limos, my absolute favorite is the rarely seen Jaguar Limo. It is sleek and classic looking. Very much an elegant statement, but only for certain tastes.
Next you have the limo bus, known in your younger days as the "party bus". This is the ideal mode of transportation for large wedding parties trecking around town for pictures at the monuments. It holds the largest amount of people, besides the SUV limo and it much easier to get in and out of. The outside looks like your standard tinted window mini shuttle but the inside is all limo seating.A trendy way to travel if you are moving through Old Town or Georgetown is a trolley. It's ideal in nice weather and has a fun, easy experience. Just keep in mind most don't allow you to have open alcohol containers.
Finally, you have your classic or vintage cars. Our good friend Justine cruised the streets of DC in a stylish pink Cadillac. Recently I have been working a lot with John Bays at Regal Limousine . His inventory includes 2 Bentleys and 2 Rolls Royces of which I have a bride using the '52 Gold Rolls Royce next weekend. They are great for pictures and once in a lifetime vehicles.

There are still many other ways of getting around town. If you are in to hurry, try a horse and carriage. You can even flag a yellow cab. Whatever your style, know the options are out there. Make this a fun experience and cruise the town in style.


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