Friday, February 6, 2009

Lisa Loeb Gets Married!

Who doesn't love celebrity weddings? And who doesn't love a celebrity wedding when you've actually met the celebrity involved? We were so excited to hear that fabulous singer Lisa Loeb got hitched to Roey Hershkovitz and even more excited because we had the opportunity to meet her (and help her adjust the mic set-up before she sang a solo) at our dear friend Justine's wedding back in October.
Justine and Gary's wedding was pretty star-studded, especially for D.C. We mostly get political big shots in the Capitol City so a little does of California glam is always welcome. I'm happy to report that Lisa was charming and easy to work with as we got her set up to perform during the wedding ceremony. I love it when famous people are as cool as you imagine them to be!
Justine Ungaro, photographer extraordinaire and creator of the Unbride blog, jets between her new home in LA with her husband, Gary, and D.C. to shoot weddings. But a couple of weeks ago, she got to jet up to New York to shoot Lisa Loeb's wedding. Here is one of the photos from the wedding courtesy of Justine Ungaro and Sota Dzine.
We think the dress is fab and Lisa's signature glasses are even more so. What a deluxe couple!

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