Friday, February 6, 2009

Let It Snow!

Although I'm not a huge fan of winter weather (I might have mentioned that before), I do love the look of winter weddings. Admittedly, we do the vast majority of our weddings in the warm weather months but the winter weddings I've had over the years have always been an infusion of fun during otherwise quiet months.
My most memorable winter wedding took place in early February about eight years ago and featured a fabulous snowflake theme. The cake was adorned with intricate gumpaste snowflakes, the flowers were in icy shades of blue and white, the table linens were an irridescent blue and the escort cards were hung with crystals from a centerpiece of white birch branches. It really was a winter wonderland!
The only problem was that we had a warm snap the week of the wedding (sound familiar?) and it was over 70 degrees on the Thursday before. This was the one time I've actually seen a bride upset by good weather! I have to admit that the monogrammed cups of hot chocolate for guests to take upon departure weren't going to be quite so comforting. Who wants hot chocolate when it's beach weather? Luckily for the nervous bride, the weather dropped again and wedding guests were glad to get hot cocoa and warm bags of donuts as they left the wedding and ventured out into the cold night.

You certainly don't have to go with a winter white theme for a winter wedding but here are a few of our favorite ideas for cold weather affairs.

A fabulous, fluffy white gown from Oscar de la Renta. Just looks perfect for when there are piles of fluffy snow on the ground, doesn't it?
And we love this Bob Evans gown because who says brides have to wear white?

The following ceremony designs by Preston Bailey are the ultimate winter wonderlands. I personally love the white lights but the blue is certainly dramatic (it was for Melissa Rivers' wedding so what do you expect?).

We're working on a wedding now with a version of the Preston Bailey winter wonderland trees but for a Labor Day weekend wedding. White is always in season. It should be spectacular!



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Wow, that Oscar gown is to die for!

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that's amazing!