Friday, January 6, 2012

Meet the Planners {Laura Weatherly}

Last but not least in our "Meet the Planners" series is Engaging Affairs founder Laura Weatherly. Laura has been planning weddings for some of DC's more fabulous and famous for over 15 years but the "beyond the wedding" tidbits are even more interesting:

1) If you were a superhero - what would be your superhero name and superpower? Shazam! (just because it's fun to say) and I would incinerate annoying people with a single thought.

2) If you weren't a wedding planner- what career would you choose?  A female version of Indiana Jones

3) What do you always carry in your purse that people might find odd? At least 20 pens (I'm always losing pens at weddings)

4) Any interesting/funny pre-wedding (or post-wedding) rituals? I always get a Coke Slurpee after a wedding (even if it's winter and 3 am)!

5) What is one of the craziest things on your "bucket list" of things to do? Surf in a barrel (the wave, not the wooden container, but not one so big it will cream me)

6) Describe your favorite pair of shoes (living or dead) Sara and I both love our red pumps!  It's an Engaging Affairs thing.

7) What has been your favorite vendor meal? I'm going to have to go with Amanda on the 6-course tasting menu from Fed City--amazing to actually get to eat every course while working a wedding! Also, the lobster mac-n-cheese from Occasions.

8) What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?  The Big Bang Theory. Used to watch Jersey Shore but I felt my IQ slipping after Season 2!

9) What wedding song would you be happy to never hear again as long as you live?  Everyone who works with me knows my aversion to "Mustang Sally"

10) Strangest thing you've carried in your emergency kit and how did you use it. Oddest emergency kit "save."  Super-glue. I had to glue the buttons on a bride's dress as they were popping off right before she walked down the aisle. And Preparation-H for making puffy under-eye circles disappear after a bride cried too much!

11) Wedding trend you would love to see die a quick death.  Inappropriate use of Mason jars or any "rustic" touch that has been done to death.

12) What is one thing no one in the wedding business knows about you and would be surprised to learn?  I was once accused of being a spy by a country and denied entrance. I wasn't a spy, of course, but it's a long, cool story.

13) What is the strangest thing a client has ever asked you to do?  Return underwear for them. Seriously, people?

14) Favorite and least favorite celebrity weddings.  Loved Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi's wedding because it was small and intimate and just about them. Despised Kim Kardashian's latest wedding because it was the exact opposite. And 72 days? Come on!

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