Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Henna Cakes {Creme-Delicious}!

Images via Creme-Delicious

I am in love with these fabulous mini cakes for bridal showers or as favors for Indian weddings. I saw them in O Magazine and immediately started to swoon. How gorgeous are they?

Sandy Patangay, an award-winning New York-based henna artist, founded Crème-Delicious last year after realizing she could create edible versions of her henna designs. Her yummy flavors include chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and green tea, and the cakes are baked at a downtown Manhattan cake studio. Each fondant-covered, heart-shaped cake is hand-decorated with piped frosting, sugar beads, and edible glitter dust. The cakes are presented in individual acrylic boxes tied with satin ribbon. Perfect for favors at the end of the evening!

Photo: Jika González for BizBash

Each fabulous cake costs $20 plus tax, with a minimum order of four. Discounts are available for orders of more than 100. Orders placed within New York are hand-delivered; orders for clients outside of the city are shipped via UPS next-day air. 


William Barrett said...

I love how beautiful these cakes are. They scream fun, attention to detail and femininity. They are also likely VERY yummy. But at the same time, I had to ask mysql when I saw this posted on Gayle King's page, :Isn't $20 for a bite-size cake a little alarming given the fact that half the people in the world are going to bed hungry tonight? HALF THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! And that if we were to redistribute the money spent on luxuries such as these cakes, we would be able to prevent a lot of unnecessary starving and suffering. No matter where these cakes are enjoyed, there will be children going to bed hungry that night. One out of five American children are living in poverty. And yet, we choose to celebrate life's big moments by squandering on a luxury like this that will last three seconds of chewing, when we could be making a donation to a shelter or food shelf instead. Just something to think about as we begin a new year. I don't want to put down the creator - her work is beautiful and creative - but I did want to remind people of the choices we make with our money and how we always can avoid frivolous things when others can't afford vegetables.

Unknown said...

I love these mehandi designs. One of the best and awesome designs of mehandi.......

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Anonymous said...

Learn how to do. They will become easy as you practice. :)