Friday, December 9, 2011

Elephants and Horses and Drummers, Oh My! {Baraats}

Greg Gibson

As we get ready to go into a big Indian wedding weekend, I thought we'd share some of our favorite images of the Baraat. The Baraat is the processional of the groom and his family and friends to greet the bride's family before the ceremony. It can be done on an elephant, a horse, a car or on foot. Music and dancing are always a big part and I love having dhol drummers lead everyone.

As far as logistics go, elephants are the trickiest (for obvious reasons) but even with a horse, you need to get permits from the city and have a police escort on hand.

CB PhotoArts

The Baraat is one of my favorite parts of an Indian wedding because it leads off the whole celebration with such energy!  This weekend we have a horse from Harmon's Carriages (our go-to source for Baraat horses) plus dhol drummers from Event EQ to lead the crowd and we can't wait for the fun!

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