Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Memories of an October Wedding!

Just a few images from an October wedding from last year filled with lovely autumn details and colors!  The ceremony and reception were held at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain at a private farm. Talk about a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding!

Thanks to Julianne Smoot for the lovely images!

Loved the bouquets filled with pods, berries, fiddle head fern and even bunches of straw!

Pashminas in lovely Fall colors so guests could keep warm during the crisp October evening!

We dressed up the barn with huge wreaths, autumns leaves, hanging wrought iron lanterns and fabric draped over some of the columns.

The sugared marzipan fall fruits were the perfect decor for the wedding cake.  The scattering of acorns on the table was such a great alternative to the traditional rose petals!


Emily said...

Love the green dress! Where is it from?

www.engagingaffairs.com said...

Great question! They are adorable but I believe they were an off-the-rack find since the wedding didn't have a ton of lead-time.