Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Engagement in the Country { Christine LeGrand Photography}

Even though we aren't working with this bride, she sent us her engagement photos to showcase the talents of her South Carolina photographer. After seeing these photos, we're dying to work with this gorgeous bride and dying to work with her photographer, Christine LeGrand! As a Southern girl myself, I love the natural feel of these images and the stunning country setting.   The couple is just as adorable as can be and Christine does a great job of capturing genuine smiles (and I love all the venue and outfit changes). Check her out!


Cristin May said...

Cristin here!! Christine is a joy to work with and you really should check her out if you are getting married, having babies, in love, or just have a family or group of friends that you want to capture on camera.

She has family all over the east coast in Tennessee, New York, Kentucky and Missouri to name a few and works in those states all the time.

If you have any questions at all you can email me and I will sing her praises. Bridal Bubbly knows their stuff and they wouldn't lead you astray. Neither would I!

Cristin May

samantha said...

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