Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bridesmaids Movie Giveaway!

Exactly five minutes into watching “Bridesmaids”, I was crying laughing and could barely breathe.  My friend and I were invited to a private screening of “Bridesmaids” at the Lowes Georgetown theatre.  Our exact conversation walking in was “If this movie is cheesy or boring, we’re leaving to get drinks at Clyde’s.”  Not for one second were we bored or cheesed out.  

The plot- without giving anything away- is that Lillian (Maya Rudolph) and Annie (Kristin Wiig) are best friends. After Lillian asks Annie to be her MOH, insanity ensues.  Annie meets the rest of the bridal party for the first time, an assortment of Lillian’s family, her work friends, and her fiance’s addition to the bridal party.  The casting is excellent, and the dynamic among the women is superb.  Although the characters are definitely over-the-top, my friend and I could’t resist pointing out characters and doing the incredibly childish and embarrassing thing of “that’s so you”!  I admit it.  I felt the same going in to “Bridesmaids” as I did going to The New Kids on the Block reunion tour: I didn’t want to love it, but I couldn’t help it (don’t judge – I had free tickets)!  

This movie is definitely an amazing all-girl comedy that celebrates six smart, funny, talented women.  I hope that this will rival the heavily male Hangover that hits theatres around the same time.  Definitely a movie to see with your girlfriends – and don’t be shy about bringing a guy, the crude humor makes it a much easier sell than trying to convince your man to watch Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon at the circus.  I would, however, avoid taking your future mother in law to avoid some cringe inducing awkwardness – the language is a little graphic!  Far from your average love story with a few laughs salted in, this movie will make those stomach muscles work!! 

Now we have a fabulous giveaway courtesy of Bridesmaids!  Two Bridal Bubbly readers will win a Bridesmaids Survival Kit just for commenting on this post. We'll pick two winners randomly from all the comments we receive and announce the lucky names on Monday. Just check out what you'll win:

Bridesmaids Survival Kit - Mesh bag filled with:
·         lip balm
·         mints
·         comb/mirror
·         nail files
·         shot glass engagement ring
·         Bridesmaids T-shirt
·         And a copy of the official soundtrack!

So let us know your thoughts on the new movie Bridesmaids.  Planning to see it with your gals? Saw it and loved it?



Tam said...

I'm getting married next weekend and my girls and I are going to see it this weekend! We can't wait! It looks hysterical.

Tam said...

My girls and I are going to see it this weekend - we are so excited! It's the perfect start to wedding week!!!

Barbara said...

I have to find someone to go see this with me, although honestly all I think about when I see the previews is, "What is Sookie doing here?"

Crownd Vic said...

I can't WAIT to see it b/c I love Kristen Wigg!
And I"m getting married in 5 weeks, so there's that too! :D


Lauren said...

I want to see this SO bad! I'm getting married this weekend otherwise I'd be at the front of the line to see it on Friday.

Evelyn said...

I'm going to see Bridesmaids with my fiance this Sunday (I thought I might actually have to pull the "but I saw the Hangover AND Superbad with you" card, but no convincing was necessary. He actually said it sounded really funny...and it got good reviews!).

We're getting married in the fall, so the bridesmaid survival kit will be awesome...or I could give it to my best friend for her wedding, which is on May 22nd.

M-ily said...

Def interested in seeing this!

adria said...

I'm totally making this movie a requirement for my homework, only wicked fun!!

Stacey said...

I can't wait to see it, but I can't help but laugh because my fiance wants to see it more than me!

Stacey said...

I can't wait to go see it, but I think the funny part is, my fiance is more excited to go see it!!

Miss Manda said...

this movie was hilarious!!! said...

Crown'd Vic and Stacey--you are our winners of the Bridesmaids gift pack. Email me at with your snail mail address and we will get it out to you. Thanks!!