Thursday, January 20, 2011

Riding in Style {Linder & Associates}

This past week I helped my dear friend Linda at Linder and Associates find a great photo of one of our brides with/in/around a limo for an upcoming magazine ad in Engaged!  We found this fun one of our bride, Elisabeth Hahn, who got married last summer.  I love that Elisabeth is chilling out in the limo on the way to meet her groom for some pre-wedding photos!

The whole search made me think that wedding day transportation isn't something that brides usually put a lot of time into but it's one of the most crucial aspects of the wedding day flow.  Late limousines, lost limousines, broken-down limousines.  These are all things that can ruin your wedding day if you don't hire the right company. 

I am very particular about transportation companies because I've seen too many disasters and had to fix too many limo problems.  Which is why I use Linder and Associates so consistently. I've worked with Linda for years is she is one of the most organized and detailed people I've ever met.  She won't just book cars for you, she walks you through the entire day to make sure that the transportation and routes work.  She'll arrange limos, classic cars, valet and just about anything that involves moving people. 

Thanks for getting our brides to the church on time for so many years, Linda!

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Linda said...

Thank You Laura! It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of your team. I truly appreciate your comments about the importance of having a well thoughtout transportation plan. This is true with any event. We understand how we contribute to the overall experience of a very significant event in someone's life. We take this seriously and are committed to taking the extra steps to ensure that we have considered any and all elements that could effect the event. It is also our focus to understand the vision and to customize our services to not only meet, but exceed every expectation. So Laura, thank you for allowing Linder & Associates to be a part of the "MAGIC".