Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Art of the Thank You

I read a twitter post recently that a handwritten thank you note is the ultimate social media and I have to agree.  In an age of nonstop texts, emails and everything electronic, a handwritten thank you is such a lovely departure.  I got a thank you note from one of my recent couples with photos from the wedding and loved it!

When someone takes the time to send you a gift, a handwritten thank you note is a must.  I know it can be a pain (and when you have close to a hundred to write, it seems daunting and is the last thing you want to do after the craziness of your wedding and honeymoon), but consider it a non-negotiable. So knock off four or five each night with a glass of wine and an episode of Modern Family (okay, maybe that's just me--I love that show) and you'll be done in no time!  Here are some of our favorite ways to make your notes a little more fun and creative!

Turn some favorite wedding photos into vintage-style postcards!

Take a photo at your wedding just for your thank you notes:

Or if you forget to take a shot on your wedding day, you can always get creative after the fact with these fun T-shirts:

Anyone doing something really fun for thank you notes?  We'd love to hear your ideas!


daily cup of couture said...

love all of these darling thank you note ideas! i still have a year to figure out what I will do with mine.. but this is great inspiration :)


Josie @ said...

Agreed! A ha(ndwritten thank you note is a must. And so appreciated by the gift giver).

Nicole@TradewindTiaras said...

The postcards are a great idea! Sending lots of thank-you cards to generous guests and friends can add up surprisingly quickly.