Monday, September 27, 2010

NYT Wedding Announcement Face-off

It's always fun when our couples' weddings are in the Washington Post Style section or the New York Times Wedding Announcements.  What's even more fun is when our weddings win the weekly Gawker New York Times Wedding Announcement Face-off.  Who knew there was such an official scoring system?

We planned Elizabeth and Adam's wedding and it took place this past Saturday at Meridian House and was absolutely lovely. Photos of the wedding and all the fun details to come but, first, the face-off against Bianna and Peter!

This week's faceoff:
Bianna Golodryga and Peter R. Orszag
Scoring Sunday's Nuptials: Ditch The DJ, And Other Wedding Tips

The bride is a weekend anchor of Good Morning America: +1
The groom is "the former director of the Office of Management and Budget in Washington" and "a distinguished visiting fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations" and "a contributing columnist to the New York Times": +3
The groom graduated summa cum laude from Princeton and received a PhD from the London School of Economics, which he attended as a Marshall scholar: +6
The bridegroom's first marriage ended in divorce: -1
The bride's father is a math professor at Yale: +1

Elizabeth Sherburne Van Heuvelen and Adam Matthew Shoemaker
The bride's name is Elizabeth Sherburne Van Heuvelen and she ain't changin' it: +1
"The couple met at Williams College, from which they graduated, the bridegroom magna cum laude": +3
The bride received a master's degree in international economics and international relations from Johns Hopkins: +1
The groom received "a law degree from Harvard and a master's degree in medieval Icelandic studies from the University of Iceland": +5
The bride's mother "was appointed by President Obama as a member of the Council of the Administrative Conference of the United States, a group focusing on improving the way the government works": +1
"She had just returned from Beijing studying Chinese, and I had just returned from Oxford": +1
"They soon learned they had carrels next to each other in the library": +1

Thanks Gawker! Lots of high-fives in the office today!

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