Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Audrey Hepburn Inspiration Board

Audrey Hepburn is such a style icon that when it came time to do a board inspired by her, we couldn't pick just one iconic look. So this board includes a little bit of everything: the ballet flats from Sabrina, the Vespa from Roman Holiday, the Holly Golightly hair (and fancy cigarette holder!), and the gamine tea-length gown from Funny Face. She was one of the few stars whose personal style lived up to her movie wardrobe-- as evidenced by the divine elfin-like chiffon dress she wore at her real-life wedding to Mel Ferrer. Which Audrey look is your favorite?

Photo credits: First row: Breakfast at Tiffany's guestbook (Style Me Pretty), place setting (Martha Stewart Weddings), cigarette holder (Orange & Blossom), tea length gown (, Tiffany's inspired favors (Martha Stewart Weddings)
Second row: invitation suite (Martha Stewart Weddings), Vespa (Straight Through the Heart of It), little navy dress (Simple Silhouettes), hairdo (Style Me Pretty)
Third row: Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, cake (Martha Stewart Weddings), Audrey Hepburn's bridal gown, copy of gown (Johanna Hehir)
Fourth row: Gloves (Orange & Blossom, ballet flats (The Knot), dress details (Style Me Pretty)


Daily Cup of Couture said...

Just adore your icon inspiration boards! xo

Lisa Marie, Orange and Blossom said...

Audrey had such amazing hairstyles. I love her Breakfast at Tiffany looks, from updos to pigtails. And the Vespa is so much fun for a wedding! Cute (yet sophisticated) board!