Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Black and White Chic {Designer Apparel Giveaway}

It has to be said, I have some hot moms.  No, really, over the past three years I have had more mothers of the bride come to me complaining that they DON'T want to look like the traditional "mother of the bride" or groom.  Moms today are seeking the same stylish, chic threads their children and their children's friends are wearing-- age appropriate of course.  Before the trend caught on, some of my moms were even shopping the bridesmaids section just to avoid looking matronly!  Moms, you've been heard.

There are so many fabulous stores now carrying age-appropriate, stunning dresses and gowns that you would be proud to wear.  We love the Mother of the Bride dresses on Designer Apparel. For instance, the one shoulder dress can be stunning at any age in an array or colors, fabrics, lengths and details.  So go out and spoil yourself on a great, feel good dress.  Just remember, while it's the bride's day, (i.e. don't wear white or cream unless the bride asks you to, she gets to shine) you still deserve to sparkle.

So if you love my black, one-shoulder look for moms, vote for my dress and inspiration board by commenting on this post and you could win a fabulous clutch.  Yes, you can vote for more than one dress if you happen to love them all.  We hope you do, of course. Good luck!



E.A. said...

Love the black one shoulder dress as long as the mom still has the look and the body ;-D Otherwise, afraid she'll look like she's trying too hard.

Unknown said...

The one should is very chic! I also like the Suzi Chin Maggy dress from Nordstrom!

-Sarah M

Mandy said...

You can't go wrong with black!

Unknown said...

Wow that one is so elegant!