Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MissNowMrs giveaway!

Whether a woman takes her spouse's last name upon marriage is a very personal decision. But for those brides who do opt to change their names, that personal decision is the start of a complicated process. Luckily, MissNowMrs is here to help. The online company estimates that it saves clients thirteen hours of paperwork stress-- and happily, those clients now include same-sex couples with certified marriage certificates. 

Here's how it works: after filling out a questionnaire that is specific to your state and situation, MissNowMrs automatically fills out all necessary forms with your information, and then allows you to print out those forms along with a handy dandy instruction sheet. It's that easy.
And now for one lucky Bridal Bubbly reader, it's that free. That's right-- today's giveaway is a gift card for one MissNowMrs premier name change package! To enter for a chance to win, email weddings@engagingaffairs.com with MissNowMrs in the subject line. The gift card itself can be made out to whoever the winner chooses, so if someone close to you is getting married, this makes a great gift. Good luck! 

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