Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bridal Bubbly Wins Sassy Blog Award!

Sassy Site Awarded By GetMarried

We're excited to announce that Get Married has awarded us a Sassy Site Award! We like to think we're pretty sassy but it's always nice to hear it from someone else.  Check out the Sassy button over there on the right.  Here's what the herald trumpeters had to say when they presented us with the hand-lettered announcement scroll:

Your blog is Smart, Awesome, Savvy, Stylish, uniquely You, exuding SASSY! We applaud you for your contagious enthusiasm, crafty inspiration and fun ideas!

Okay, there weren't any trumpets and the scroll might have actually been an email but it still felt pretty fabulous. It's so nice to hear from other sites and readers.  Thanks to everyone who has told us they love Bridal Bubbly! We love you right back!

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