Friday, July 16, 2010

ACKC Cocoa Bar giveaway!

Man, I have got to stop writing these blog posts before lunch! Because there is no way you can peruse through the Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections (ACKC) website without your stomach growling and your mouth watering at the sights. Forget eye candy—this is just pure candy. The finest cocoas and confections in the DC area.  

We all know life is like a box of chocolates. Well I would like this book of chocolates in my life, immediately. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Chocolate for wedding favors are always a huge hit. At ACKC, artist-owner Eric Nelson says that brides and grooms love the truffles, and that in general, “People are really learning to appreciate locally-made artisan chocolates and how much more flavorful (and healthier) they are than mass produced chocolate.” (Confession: what I took away from that sentence is chocolate is healthy. Don’t correct me if I’m wrong.)  

We asked Eric, who shares the business with chocolatier Rob Kingsbury, a few questions after he was kind enough to offer Bridal Bubbly readers a $35 gift card to ACKC (which in addition to two cocoa bars in DC and Alexandria, also has an online store). Keep reading after the interview to find out how you can win the gift card! 

What is your favorite type of chocolate (or way to eat chocolate)? 
Rob loves the Chipotle Cinnamon truffle that we make and I love the Rita Hayworth milkshake (made with chocolate ice cream, ground cloves, caramel and orange extract).

If you could offer one tip for brides or grooms, what would it be? 
You are launching your life together.  Make your wedding as special as you possibly can.  Cherished memories can help pull you through life's challenges. 

Thanks, Eric! To enter to win the gift card, email us at with ACKC in the subject line. Good luck! Now I'm off to get something sweet to eat :)


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