Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet Treats!

Today we had the pleasure of sampling some of the cakes offered by Cotton's Gourmet. If you're a faithful Bridal Bubbly reader, you know we love cake. And you also know that Alison really loves cake. So this was a fun day at the office.

We tried four flavors: chocolate, red velvet, vanilla and their signature flavor, sweet potato pound cake. Being the Southern girl that I am, I loved the sweet potato pound cake. It was so flavorful and moist! If you can't imagine sweet potatoes as dessert, you should try this cake. One of our other tasters loved the vanilla, and Alison is always partial to red velvet.

Cotton's specializes in Southern desserts so they also offer deep dish pies like coconut custard and bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Yum! They are located in Maryland but travel all over the D.C. area for weddings. So pop up to Maryland for a tasting and don't miss the sweet potato pound cake!

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Gerry said...

Ha! How funny. I recognize that cake, as we did the flowers on it.