Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pick ME! Pick ME! {Sara}

I KNOW, I know, I know. I am TERRIBLY uncreative. Well, you think my dress is at least. Especially given the fact that this dress is strikingly similar to the canary colored frock my very own bridesmaids donned just a few short months ago. And, this is SO upsetting to me because I desperately want you to vote for my Coco Myles dress as the best. So, let me paint the picture for you.

Different in every way from the DC wedding I planned for myself, I imagine an island celebration somewhere in the Pacific. Some may think of this as "the wedding I didn't have". Thirty guests, our closest and most dear, gather on a powdery beach before sunset (I think at sunset is so cliche) and the breeze coming off the ocean blows every lovely ladies hair in just the perfect way (how we all want to be photographed). And now the dresses. As you will notice from the above picture, yellow seems to look beautiful on everyone! Coupled with the fact that we are standing on a beach and given the loose flow of the fabric and beach appropriate length, I'd say we are all set!

And what, you would ask about, about being practical and choosing a dress that your bridesmaids can actually wear again? I give you the following as my appeal. Happy voting!



Cindy said...

Love yellow dresses. I'm doing them for my own July wedding! Thanks for the fun celebrity photos!

Danielle said...

Gorgeous! This one gets my vote!

Kirsten said...

I love this dress, the bright color and the "flowy" curves of the design.
This dress gets my vote!