Friday, December 4, 2009

Advice Needed! Bridesmaid Gifts {Amy & Clark}

Game on, brides & bridesmaids out there! With only a few months to go and a MILLION options, I need some help coming up with some fabulous ideas for great bridesmaid gifts! Every bridesmaid has received gifts ranging from trinkets to jewelry to Coach bags... what did you love most? Items that you could wear, eat, or sit on a shelf as eye candy??

Let me know your thoughts, ideas and what you have seen out there that went over well! I have 11 bridesmaids, yes 11! Think budget friendly ;)

Then there is the thought of doing individualized gifts, something personal for each marvelous maid?


Kristina said...

It may have been done to death but I still wear earrings/necklace from a wedding I was in and use the pashmina I was given from another one. But the jewelry is really unique so it's fun to wear, not just a pearl necklace (although I wear those, too).

Heather Gardner said...

Depending on their budget for the gifts, and to step outside of the normal "gifts"; how about making the gift personal? For example, if one Bridesmaid love a certain play or musician, perhaps tickets to that event? If another BM loves wine, perhaps the bride can set up a wine tasting at a local winery?

Again, this is contigent on the budget, but I like the idea of making the gifts personal.

Jamaya said...

For something small, I would suggest giving them personalized compacts engraved with the bridesmaids' name. I recv'd a sterling silver one as an XMAS gift from my old counter manager. The compact has 2 mirrors(normal & magnified) It's so classic & chic! I never leave home without it.