Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cherry Blossom Wedding Details

It's that time of year again. The weather turns warm, tulips bloom, the cherry blossoms emerge and anywhere in D.C. remotely near the Tidal Basin is gripped in traffic gridlock. You know it's cherry blossom season when it takes half an hour to move three blocks in downtown Washington! But enough of my day and back to the joy of the cherry blossoms.

I really do love the cherry blossoms, and I love doing cherry blossom weddings even more. There are few things more stunning than soaring blooming cherry branches in a floral arrangment. For truly gorgeous blooms en masse, be sure to visit The Willard Hotel this week. Their Peacock Alley is full of cherry branches. You can even have afternoon tea in Peacock Alley among the blossoms!

If you're considering incorporating cherry blossoms in your wedding or just love to look at them, here are some of our favorite looks. Although it is not an entirely cherry blossom themed wedding, my wedding this weekend is using cherry blossoms in half of the centerpieces and they are having a cherry blossom cake. The Mother of the Bride (whom I adore) found faux cherry branches and is putting one in each of the hotel guests' welcome bags. Cute!

I love cherry blossom cakes. They appeal to my love of simple, yet intricate (if that makes sense). I love the simplicity of cherry blossoms yet they are so delicate and detailed. The white cake above was made by Lara Stuckey of Fluffy Thoughts Cakes. She also makes adorable cupcakes with cherry blossoms on them. The chocolate version with the loose blossoms make out of sugar comes from Martha Stewart.

We've used cherry blossoms and cherry blossom details at very formal weddings as well as outdoor garden parties. The photo at the top of the blog (taken by Juan Carlos Briceno of Fotobriceno) features escort cards with a cherry blossom design painted on them for an outdoor wedding. But they also look fabulous above at a very formal wedding we did at The Corcoran from a few years back(photo by Robert Isacson). For the crafty, you can make your own cherry blossom place card holders (picture below from Martha Stewart).

Whether you add one lovely cherry blossom detail or put the blossoms on everything from your invitations to your welcome bags to your programs to your favors, cherry blossoms are quinessentially spring (and very D.C.). Now if we could just do something about that traffic. Happy Spring!


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Kelsey said...

Have you seen the Daily Candy DC today? There's a cute print from a seller on etsy that does a gocco of the tidal basin with watercolored pink cherry blossoms. It would make an awesome cherry blossom season favor or even wedding gift.